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Being physically prepared and ready for whatever trials are in the future requires us to be mindful of our health, which can be challenging with so many toxins in foods and products we use. The top cause of aging are toxins. They build up in our bodies provoking cell damage that produces premature aging. We get toxins in our body from stress, pollution and having a poor diet. To get rid of toxins, detoxifying our body with antioxidants is the best way. That is very easy to do if you drink antioxidant-rich alkaline water.

Simply change your water and you will change your life!

Here are five awesome benefits of drinking alkaline water:


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When you detoxify your body, you are removing the normal daily acidic waste as well as toxins that have accumulated through all the various sources. That includes from unnatural foods, your environment, prescription drugs and from the natural process of aging. Serious health condition can come from the acid waste that collects in the body. You can neutralize that acidity by drinking alkaline water every day and flush those toxins from your tissues and cells.



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The key to maintaining or even regaining your optimal health is by keeping yourself hydrated.  When drinking alkaline water, your body’s filter forms that water into small micro clusters during ionization making them more easily absorbed at the cellular levels.  This is like super hydrating your body.



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Alkaline water behaves like an antioxidant, prowling for and then neutralizing damage-causing free radicals. Alkaline water can efficiently neutralize and intercept damage from free-radicals to the body because it can give up electrons.  Ionized alkaline water searches for free radicals and changes them into oxygen that your body uses for tissue oxygenation and producing energy. In an oxygenated alkaline environment, most illnesses including cancer cannot survive.



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If you have high stress, a high acid diet, and exposure to toxins in the environment like most of us do, then your body’s pH level is most likely acidic.  Alkaline water can help balance your body’s pH by alkalizing your body pH from acidic to alkaline pH. Like we mentioned above, cancer and most illnesses cannot thrive in and alkaline environment. The normal state of a healthy person is an alkaline pH.



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When your immune system is enhanced, you are maximizing your body’s skill to fend off disease and heal itself.


Sounds like a great way to be more healthy , not just by drinking more water, but drinking alkaline water for better overall health!


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