Many home burglars have revealed that they typically have a pattern when entering a home, and it begins with going straight to the master bedroom and master bath. This is where they swipe jewelry and money that is left lying around. Any narcotic prescription drugs or pills are grabbed from the bathroom cabinets for easy money. The average home thief will be in and out of a home in less than 10 minutes.

Some places you do NOT want to hide things because it’s where they will look first is:

  • Dresser
  • Night Stands
  • Underneath the bed / mattress
  • Master bedroom closet
  • Master bathroom cabinets
  • Anywhere in the master bedroom, living room, or dining room

Some places to consider hiding things in your home that are less likely to be searched would be:

  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Broom Closet
  • Kid’s bedrooms
  • Basement
  • Attic

If you have things you’d like to hide in your home like jewelry, cash, weapons, etc. there are some great ideas of places and ways you can hide them. Not only from burglars but from neighbors and guests who also come in a home.

Here are some more unique and smart ideas of ways to hide valuable in your home:

Fake Books

Fake book hiding spot

You may have seen a single book hallowed out, why not use several books and attached a wood box to the back. We’ve all seen the hollowed-out book, but there’s not much room in one of those. Instead, use several books with a plywood box attached to the back. Cut the pages out with a band saw or even a jig saw. Be sure and display the box at eye level so one cannot see right inside the opening.

In Plain Sight

Inside vacuum cleaner

Use a common household appliance or item that has a cavity inside. Like an old vacuum cleaner, old computer tower or printer, kid’s toys, and so forth. Be sure your family members know it’s being used so it doesn’t get tossed or donated. Items that open quick can be used for easy access. Other items requiring a screw driver to open can be for more high security items.

Air-Return Stash

Hide in vent

Find an area in between two wall studs where you can cut an opening to put in an air grille. Then cut off the tops of the screws and just glue the heads in place. Put 4 drywall screws into the corners so that they line up just inside the rim. Last you glue some magnets to the back side of the grille so they will match up with the screw heads.

Bury your Treasure

Hide in planter

Put your cash into a prescription bottle or another watertight container and then bury it down into an indoor plant. Put a pinecone over the top of it. Thieves will not likely be excavating your plants. 

Fake-Bottom Kitchen Drawer

Fake bottom on drawer

Choose a drawer that have some depth to keep it from looking suspicious and cut a thin (1/4 to 1/16”) plywood just smaller than the opening of the drawer. Then hot glue a couple of long wood blocks on the sides of the bottom of the drawer for the fake bottom to rest on. Hot glue an item that would likely be found in the drawer to the bottom of the plywood to act as a handle in picking up the false bottom.

Crevice in Cabinet Tops

in between cabinets

On the top side of the upper cabinets of your kitchen, there is usually a half inch gap in between each cabinet. This is a perfect place to hang an envelope with things like cash or important documents. Use binder clips with the clips set out to keep the envelope from slipping all the way down through the crack. Brilliant.

Toe-Kick Secret Spot

kick board hidaway

Under your kitchen cupboards is typically a four inches cavity that is covered with a “toe kick”. With a little skill, you can pull off the toe kicks and using Velcro, make them removable. In that little cavity is plenty of space for precious metals, jewelry, or even weapons.

Phony Containers

hide inside containers

If you Google “secret hiding places”, you can find an array of brand name counterfeit containers with secret compartments. Or you can create your own home-made version using an old container. This mayo jar was spray painted inside with a creamy paint to look like it was mostly full.

Appliance Compartments

Under fridge

Appliances such as dishwasher and refrigerators have Snap-On grilles in the front. Hmmm, what a nice little place for some secret storage! How many thieves do you think will be imagining some treasure under your appliances? Just be sure to look and see where the coils are and that you won’t be blocking the airflow. You don’t want to inadvertently damage your fridge.

Empty Paint Can

Inside paint can

When you finish off a can of lacquer or paint, keep that empty can and after you clean it out, stash it with your good stuff. Place it back on the shelf with your other cans so it blends right in.

Fake Pipes

fake pvc pipe

Consider installing a fake PVC pipe in your basement. Complete it with a clean-out plug that you can unscrew and hide all the goodies in.

Hidden Key in Plain Sight

hide a key

Maybe you want to hide a key but not above the door frame or under the matt. You can mount a fake plastic LB fitting and screw it right to the wall. Put some ½” conduit running from it to the ground to give it that official look. Slice the head off of the bottom screw and then glue it down in place. Now you can simply swing the cover and find your key.

Hidden Safe in Floor or Wall

Hidden safe

You can actually hide a safe in your wall or floor. Amazon has a Sentry floor safe that is circular. Bolt it to the floor or put it in a corner closet or other inconspicuous place. You could even hack out a hole in your concrete and place your safe in, then pour new concrete around it. No way will that save come out now. A picture or mirror can cover up a wall safe.

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