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10) My Church Members and Neighbors have food storage – I will eat theirs.

Do you really want to beg from your neighbors when you didn’t prepare?

No, they don’t. Most people do not have food storage. In fact, less than 10% of church members are said to have their years supply. Those few people that do have food storage barely have enough for their own family. If your food storage plan is to eat someone else’s food, that is a very bad plan.


9) I’ve paid tithing for years so the church can give me some food if I need it.

In a time of crisis, don’t plan on getting food from the church to feed your family.

There are quite a few member of the LDS church who think that when the hard times come, the church is going to come through passing out wheat to all of us like Joseph in Egypt.  This is simply NOT true. All of the storehouses and welfare farms of the church across our nation would only feed 4% of the members, and that’s besides sharing with others. For 75 years YOU have been counseled to store your own food. Don’t make your plan be for the church to feed you. You will be sadly disappointed if you do.

8) I will move in with family (my kids or my parents).

Hunkering in your own home will be safer than moving in a famine or crisis.

Really? Do you really plan on eating someone else’s food?  You want to plan on moving?  Most people won’t have any food. And with the threats of epidemics, pandemics, famine, earthquakes, martial law, etc. – people will be hunkering in their own homes. What you have in your own home is what is VITAL.

7) I am stocking up on guns and ammunition so I will be fine.

Lack of food may turn you into someone you don’t want to become.

The question really is:  Are you more afraid of the guy with the gun, or becoming the guy with the gun? Think about it:  How far do you think you would go if you were watching your family starve to death? Would you steal, lie, shoot someone for food? It’s scary how desperate someone can be when trying to keep their family alive, and most of us would do anything in that survival situation. If you don’t have your year’s supply of food and some water, you are putting yourself in danger of losing not just your temporal salvation, but also your spiritual salvation.

Up to this point, all the reasons we do not store food have to do with planning on eating someone else’s food. Please, do not put the temporal salvation of you and your family in the hands of other people. Nobody is storing food for you. Your neighbors aren’t, the government isn’t and not even the LDS church.

6) I simply don’t have any room to store food.

You can find room if you prioritize your space.

This is really about priorities. The fact is, if you somehow knew that the stores would be closing tomorrow and there would be no access to food, I can almost guarantee you’d rush to the store and get all the food you could; and then you’d find room in your home to keep it. When it’s important enough, you find a way.

5) Nothing big is going to happen – I remember Y2K.

It may be detrimental to think that the calamities of the last days are still far away.

Every prophecy that has ever been given WILL come to pass. In fact, the time may soon come when food prices are too high to get food storage. It’s important to not put it off thinking you can always get it down the road.  Better to begin now, than be sorry later.

4) If something happens, the government will send help.

It may be foolish to put your faith in getting help from the government.

Counting on the government to bring you food and water is not a good plan and will end up being very disappointing. Even our government has suggested we store food, water and medicines.  We should store whatever we may need to stay in our homes for several months

3) I can’t afford food storage.

Food storage doesn’t have to cost that much, it just needs to be a priority.

We live in the richest society in the world. Even the poorest among us live better than most people on this planet. It’s about making it a priority.  If you can afford a cell phone, you can afford food storage. Again, if you knew there would be a famine beginning next month, you would find a way to get as much food as you could before next month because you would make it a priority.  The average food storage can cost as little as a dollar a day.

2) But I don’t like wheat, beans and rice.

Food storage doesn’t have to be limiting. Store what you love to eat.

Food storage doesn’t have to be only certain foods. Think outside the box.  You can store what you love the most and what you eat the most. There are many food storage systems that include meals like sweet and sour chicken, beef stew, chili, shepherd’s pie, cornbread, spaghetti, minestrone, beef stroganoff, and even choc. chip cookies! You can freeze dry food, dehydrate, bottle your own food, buy case-lots, do meals in a jar, vacuum seal jars, and more.  Your imagination (and your pocketbook) are all that limits you.

1) I only really need my 72 hour kit.

LDS Church leaders have counseled for many years to have a 1 year food supply. That has never been rescinded and remains in effect today.

It used to be that we should store 2 years of food, then 1 year and now 3 months. Some of us feel that just having our 72 hour kits is enough to be prepared for what’s to come. We need to be obedient and be an example to our children and posterity of obedience. This is what can save our families spiritually as well as temporally. Find a system and make it work. It is far better to have a year or two of food storage and not need it, than to have no food storage and end up needing it and not having it.

Can you imagine the guilt and regret of not having the food storage when a crisis comes and KNOWING that you were told and counseled MANY times to get it? Regret is an awful thing to live with. So if you relate to any of these 10 reasons why you don’t have your food storage, today is a great day to start.  🙂

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