72 hour kit bags

This is another guest post.  Yay! This time, my friend Tricia shares what she’s packed for her son in his 72 hour kit.  There are some things in his pack that I didn’t consider for ours.

Like including some candy (why didn’t I think of that) and water flavor packets. I also agree with finding packs that can roll, so you don’t always have to carry them on your back. Smart tip!

72 hour kits- Rhyun’s

Ok for me the whole point of a 72 hour kit is if we had to get out fast and hope we can come back in a few days.  So I packed what we might need for basic survival for a few days.  I packed some things in our family pack and then doubled up in the kids packs, just in case we got separated or we find we need to share our supplies.

In this post I am showing you Rhyun’s bag.

72 hr kit matches
Matches and lighter to start a fire for warmth or cooking

So we start with matches and a lighter.

I didn’t show it but we also have small containers stuffed with cotton balls dipped in Vaseline , this makes great fire starter to burn until any wood might catch fire. (this is of course hoping we find firewood).

72 hour kit medical items
Basic first aid with some extra items.

In his first aid baggie:

I included a basic dollar store first aid kit, it has bandages and alcohol pads, I also added wipes, toothpaste, toothbrush, Mylar blanket, rain poncho, Pepto, halls drops, hand sanitizer, 2 chapsticks, salt tabs to help his body retain water, aspirin, and his prescriptions and a mini flashlight, and water purifying tables, Small portable rolls of TP. and a pack of kleenex.

Foods for 72 hour kit
High protein foods are vital

Food is essential;

But heavy so I went with Tuna for the protein, PB because kids will eat it, almonds are high in fat so good for your body.

Snacks for 72 hour kit
High protein bars for snacks plus some candy for fun.


I went with granola bars for the high protein, and grains, but I also added some candy to keep kids happy.

Activity items for 72 hour kit
Having something to do while waiting can be a life savor for your child.

I also have a something-to-do pack;

It has 2 activity books two pencils, a giant eraser, extra batteries, stickers, and a note book made from 3X5 cards, I also included some personal information on the back page it has family members names, bdays, and cell numbers, including grandparents, and close family friends info. We have our family bug out plan printed and in this bag too. it is basically a number to call, and where to meet if we get separated. I also included a small picture of our family.

Clothing and towel for 72 hour kit
Clothing – remember to change them out as your child grows. And include a towel.


I change this out every fall and spring, so now it has a towel, 3 pairs of socks, 3 pairs of underwear, 1 pair of long johns, and an extra shirt. and long pants.  I change this out in the summer to a pair of shorts, and a short sleeve shirt . plus swim trunks..

I also include 8 bottles of water, and the purifying tables are easy to access in the front, so the kids can refill these and purify any additional water we may need. I also add some water flavor packets to help with the taste of the water, that we need to scavenge for ..

I will share in my next post what we did for our own and our family packs.

Easy to carry bag
Keep your kit in something easy to carry for a quick “grab and go”.


I also encourage you to find backpacks that double as a rolling bag so they are easier to grab and go..


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